everet project registration

Thank you for your interest in Everet. We want to support your business by offering the opportunity to register your projects for extra discounts.

– Any net-new project >€10.000 (EURO)  in value (reseller cost) or >10 cameras.
– Reseller must be the first to register the new deal and demonstrate significant pre-sales efforts.

– Up to an extra 5% discount from the Reseller Cost.

Approval period:
– Three (3) months from the date of acceptance.
– Extension: three (3) months from the date of extension acceptance.

– Please allow 1-3 business days to process registration approvals.

To initiate a sales opportunity registration with Everet Imaging, ensure that all mandatory fields are accurately filled out. Once your registration is successfully processed, you can expect an email notification confirming its status within 1-3 business days. Please note that a minimum opportunity value of €10.000 or >10 cameras is required to qualify for a deal registration.

The project registration approval will be sent to both the reseller and if applicable the distributor. You will receive a formal quote with pricing.

Unless a special exception has been made, all deal registered projects must be ordered in their entirety on one single purchase order.

For any questions please contact Everet Imaging at:
+31 20 798 6654.