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EVERET professional auto tracking NDI PTZ cameras

Advanced AI Tracking Technology

Introducing the latest innovation in professional video production – the Everet AI tracking PTZ cameras with NDI technology! These cutting-edge cameras are designed to provide unparalleled quality, flexibility, and ease-of-use for presentations, live streaming and lecture capture.


4K60 NDI series


NDI|HX3 series


NDI|HX2 series

Advanced Tracking Technology

The Everet auto tracking PTZ cameras are standard equipped with advanced AI tracking technology that automatically follows the speaker as they move around the stage. This ensures that the speaker is always in the center of the frame, making it easier for the audience to follow along with the presentation. With this feature, you can ensure that your audience is fully engaged and focused on your message.

Everet Auto-Tracking PTZ Cameras with NDI

High-Quality Video

The Everet auto tracking PTZ cameras deliver stunning video quality with high-resolution image sensors, advanced american ambarella processing capabilities, and HDR technology. No extra license, devices or software needed. With this camera, you can capture every detail of your presentation or lecture in high definition. 

NDIHX2 and NDI|HX3 Technology

The Everet auto-tracking PTZ cameras are equipped with NDI|HX2 or NDIHX3 technology, allowing you to transmit video over IP networks with virtually no latency. This means you can capture and stream high-quality video footage in real-time, making it perfect for live events and presentations. With this feature, you can easily share your content with audiences around the world.

NDI Fast, Easy, Video

Easy-to-Use Controls

The Everet tracking PTZ cameras are incredibly easy to use, with intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface. Whether you’re an experienced videographer or a first-time user, you’ll find that the camera is simple to set up and operate. This means you can focus on delivering your presentation or lecture, without worrying about technical issues.


The Everet tracking PTZ cameras are versatile, allowing you to switch between different camera angles, zoom in or out, and adjust the framing of the shot, all without having to physically move the camera. This makes it much easier to capture different parts of the presentation, such as slides or demonstrations, without disrupting the flow of the presentation.

Full HD USB PTZ Camera
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