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Everet Imaging is an Amsterdam based leading manufacturer and worldwide supplier of Pro Grade NDI® imaging solutions for broadcast, pro-av and streaming industry. The broad range of NDI® solutions include premium NDI®|HX3 and High Bandwidth NDI® PTZ cameras. Our customers include companies in the field of education, broadcasting, live event production, healthcare and government organisations. 

Our inspiring office is based at a formal shipyard with stunning views over the IJ in Amsterdam, allowing a view of the former crane track from the inside and maximising views over the surrounding area.

authentic quality

Everet Imaging commits to supplying authentic high quality imaging products by using professional Sony or Panasonic CMOS sensors and American ISP chipsets.

While China-produced ISP chips may be cheaper, Ambarella chips are the superior choice for high-performance cameras. With their advanced image and video processing capabilities, efficiency, and advanced features, Ambarella chips deliver superior image and video quality.

If you are looking for a camera that delivers exceptional image and video quality, choose a Everet Imaging camera powered by Ambarella chips.

quality Control and warranty

Our quality control checks the cameras after production on issues before the products are approved for worldwide shipment with 3 year warranty and if required supplied with official certificates of origin.

direct support

At our support center in the Netherlands we provide customers with quick and effective solutions to any issues they may encounter with our products, improving customer satisfaction and ensuring optimal performance.


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From our support center in the Netherlands we provide personal support with quick and effective solutions to any issues encountered, The Everet team is always here to help by phone, email and chat. 

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