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Everet Imaging Joins the NDI® Revolution with their new NDI®|HX3 PTZ Cameras.

— Everet Imaging releases the EVX-series with NDI®|HX3 and 30x or 20x Optical Zoom —

September 21, 2022 by Oscar Lazaro

Everet Imaging, an Amsterdam based manufacturer and supplier of Pro Grade NDI@ Imaging solutions, announces today a series of new PTZ cameras that support, for software-driven IP workflows using globally standardized video-over-IP technology, NDI®.

Everet Imaging Pro Grade NDI@ Imaging solutions releases the EVX-series PTZ cameras with NDI®|HX3 and 30x or 20x Optical Zoom.

Everet Imaging joins the industry’s largest, and rapidly expanding, IP ecosystem of products and companies committed to enabling IP-based customer workflows. Everet Imaging has integrated NDI®|HX3 into their EVX230 and EVX220 to be recognizable as a source by other NDI-enabled applications and devices connected across standard Ethernet networks.

Everet Imaging believes in new technologies that brings more efficiency, quality, and reliability to their products. The EVX-series and NDI®|HX3 is the exact outcome of those words. We have a new innovative development in hands that is ready to be embraced by our team and customers.

“Everything that our team and customers have been longing for has now been integrated into NDI®|HX3. We are ready to be part of this revolution” Says Michaël Hegeman, General Manager of Everet Imaging.

“Software-driven IP workflows are mission critical in today’s video production,” says Will Waters, Global Head of Product Management, NDI@, “it’s all about flexibility, connectivity, interoperability, and telling the best story.”

“NDI-enabled devices like EVX230 exponentially increase the video sources available for live production creating more freedom for customers to move video, and audio, better, offering new workflows to customers. We are excited to welcome Everet Imaging to the NDI@ partner ecosystem and the opportunities it will bring to the market, furthering the NDI@ revolution.”

NDI|HX3, offers both low bandwidth and low latency options for end-users. NDI|HX3, encoding is visually lossless, even in bandwidth constrained environments, enabling Everet Imaging customers to expand the use case and versatility of its products.

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