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Everet Imaging brings excellence in providing affordable pro grade NDI imaging solutions for broadcast, pro av and streaming industry. Everet makes no compromises regarding product performance, features and reliability. Offering more value for money with 3 year warranty on all camera products.

EVX Series NDI®|HX3 PTZ Cameras 20x and 30x zoom
EVX Series NDI®|HX3 PTZ Cameras 20x and 30x zoom
the company

Everet Imaging is an Amsterdam based manufacturer and worldwide supplier of Pro Grade NDI® imaging solutions for broadcast, pro-av and streaming industry. The broad range of NDI® solutions include premium NDI®|HX3 and High Bandwidth NDI® PTZ cameras. Our customers include companies in the field of education, broadcasting, live event production, healthcare and government organisations.

quality control

Everet Imaging commits to supplying quality imaging products. Our quality control in the Netherlands checks the cameras after production on issues before the products are approved for worldwide shipment with 3 year warranty.


Our logistics department is responsible for the complete process involving planning, managing and controlling the flow of goods and services for customers, supplying information and arranging shipping our imaging products from our factory to any destination all over the world. The logistics team is responsible for supplying the official Certificates of Origin, meaning they are in direct contact with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce daily.


The Everet Imaging warehouse team is responsible for storage, distribution, warehousing, movement of goods from one place to another (internally), tracking and preparing goods for shipment. Their secondary duty is running the internal repositioning of unfinished goods, partially finished goods and goods that are ready to be sold. The team is also responsible for inventories of the organizations stock and making sure that goods, subassemblies and raw materials are at the required location at the right time.

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